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Lotion Loader Clip ™

Lotion Loader Clip ™


My Skin Pals - Lotion Loader Clip Portable Travel Carabiner Skin Protectant Automotive Magnet Phone Mount Lotion Sunscreen Hand Sanitizer Gift frees up automotive console space and is a reminder to apply protectants, which helps to establish healthy habits. No more forgetting to bring your skin protectant. A handy PAL that’s there for you, right at arm’s reach!


    Includes 6 pieces

    1. Magnetic Container with lid

    2. High quality carabiner for travel, attaching to belt loop or other suitable object such as backpack, purse, luggage or passenger visor clip

    3. Carabiner circle loop for further attaching

    4. Automotive Clip Mount

    5. Metal circle plate

    6. Passenger side visor clip

    • Attach to vehicle passenger side visor onto visor clip via carabiner, desk lip, magnetic car mount or clip on belt loop, purse, luggage and more.
    • High quality, strong magnet built into the container back wall for attaching to any suitable surface
    • Simply add your desired skin protectant lotion, then clip and go
    • Because returning home for your skin protectant is an inconvenience
    • Making another stop at the store to rebuy the skin protectant is a hassle
    • Easily mounts to the vehicle visor with clip accessory, vehicle vent with magnetic vent accessory, or desk lip with metal plate accessory
    • Because digging thru backpack to find the protectant is a hassle
    • Free up automotive console space as lotion, sanitizer, sunscreen containers use space meant for storing your drink
    • Free up office desk space as lotion, sanitizer, sunscreen containers take up workspace
    • Great for kids to use at school as it attaches to the desk lip, freeing up limited desk space and is a visual reminder for kids to apply
    • Removeable and can carry it with you if needed
    • Works with magnetic surfaces, car mounts/clips and most metal plates.
    • No more searching thru bags, car, purse, or home.
    • NEVER forget your Lotion again!
    • Discounts for large quantities!  Discounts for schools, office, company, skin physician and doctor offices, venues/events
    • Prefilled in picture for illustrative purposes. Patent Pending
    • CUSTOMIZABLE to your brand, school mascot/theme, business, sports leagues.  Please inquire.

    DO NOT attach to any object that  would impede safety in any way.

    Check out the My Skin Pals ™videos on YouTube




    We will gladly accept returns.  Products must be returned within 30 days of purchase date and product must be in original, new, unused condition. 


    All products are shipped out as soon as possible, usually within 1 day. 

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