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Advent Perpetual Wood Customizable Calendar Unfinished

Advent Perpetual Wood Customizable Calendar Unfinished

The C3 Calendar (Customizable Cognitive Creative Calendar) is a calendar that can be customized to display any positive subject. The Story – Every Christmas we would buy a one-time use advent calendar with one chocolate per day which would be thrown away every year. With family, who is the one-lucky person to get the one-piece of chocolate for that countdown-day? Customize the inserts to display spiritual, inspirational, motivational, academia, or any positive subject. The calendar which can hold many chocolates for one day was conceived. The Concept - Traditional rituals include people giving thanks and blessing prayers prior to the main meal. This calendar allows for the creation of a post-dinner ritual (like blessings before dinner) for a daily positive subject to be read prior to dessert, thus establishing a new family tradition. The Ritual - At the beginning of the month, the calendar boxes are loaded with wrapped bite-size chocolates. After dinner, the current day is selected and removed from the Calendar. The positive subject is read, then the dessert chocolates are divided equally. Great learning tool! 31 dual-sided inserts allow for learning 62 lessons per month! That’s 744 possible lessons per year!


  • Can store many wrapped chocolates. 
  • Each day box can accommodate 20 inserts =40 fact lessons/day= 1240 fact lessons/month=14,880 fact lessons/year.
  • Family heirloom to pass down to generations. Reusable and encourages learning.
  • Includes calendar frame, month box with 12 sliders, 31-day boxes, 31 customizable wood inserts.
  • Dimensions 18.75'' H x 23.625'' W x 3.5'' D
  • Weight 11.2 lb.
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